healthy exercise

healthy exercise — Welcome and good to have you on here. I must tell you it s not and will not be a mistake for you to stumble on this website regarding to the latest trends on health tips.

In this article today I will disclosing to you the secret of you been healthy and having that kind of great muscle you have ever dreamt of even without consulting the gym house.

One of the Chief reason why I took my time to write on this article today is because, so many person have called me and asked me ” hey Mr Andy, I just wonder in the whole wild world what I gonna do just to build my muscles and make me fit… I thinking of going to the gym house to lift some machine.” After he has finished… I smiled and looked at him and said you don’t need a whole of those shits…

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You may not be that good exerciser and as well a serous athlete or Gymer. Desire to workout for your health or to get your clothes fit in your body better…I am sure you will agree with me that the gym may be kinda so intimidating, working on stationary bikes and as well weight lifting machine can be enough to make you head straight back home to the couch.

But do you know that some of the best physical activities do not need all of that stress to go through the above activities like running a marathon race.

These simple tricks and workout I am about to give to you will go a very long way on your health.. These workouts will really help to keep your weight under maximum control, increase your balance and motion extent. They will make your bone more stronger fill with strength, they will as well protect your joints, eliminate all forms of bladder control problems and as well the control of memory loss.

For those who are scared and wonders what kind of exercise could this be.. Calm down and don’t be afraid as these workouts does not count on your age or level.. these activities
can help you get in good shape and lower your risk for any kind of diseases: below are some of the workout I have listed to help you through..

WALKING:healthy exercise

Walking might be seen simplest for some persons but I must tell you is one of the most powerful workout. To shock you more, walking is medically proven and as well scientific evidence to support walking which is completely acceptable form of physical activity for weight loss, especially when combined with a healthy, nutritious diet. healthy exercise

Waking can help you stay trim, improve cholesterol levels, strengthen bones, keep blood pressure in check, upgrade your mood and reduce your risk from a number of diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

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Start with Walking for about ten to fifteen (10-15) minutes at stretch. Then with time you will increase it to thirty to sixty (30-60) minutes even father and faster making it a routine on some days or everyday in the week as the case may be that will suit you.

SWIMMING:healthy exercise

Some might say swimming is a perfect workout but I think its one of the best among my research.

Scientifically, the buoyancy of water allows and support the body helping to take out the strain off your painful joints so there for you can move and swing you hand more freely..

From my research, Swimming is good for any individuals who got arthritis certainly because it’s less weight.
It can also increase mental state and can as well put you in a better state of mind or mood. Water aerobics is another option too These classes help you cut-down/burn calories and tone-up.

STRENGTH TRAINING:healthy exercise

Are you the type that believe that strength training is all about macho and brawny activity?.. Hey bro you got to think again at this point… Be informed that, lifting of light weight can not make your muscles bulky but it will rather keep them strong I mean very strong. A writer said ” if you don’t use your muscles they definitely loose their strength over time “ Dr. Lee. The more muscles got the more burning down of calories so it is more easier to maintain your weight. Dr. Lee added

Your ability to remember things and past even easily can also be gotten from strength training. I always give my reader this advice that before they make any attempt to start a weight training program, they must make sure they  had undergo all proper and necessary form of the training. You can start light at least for me two pounds which brings ease of you having the ability to lift the weight ten times. Then after some couple of weeks you can then increase it by one pounds or two. That’s gonna be way Better. Also, you can move up to a slight heavier weights if you got more energy to go.. Then you can keep it on for 12 weeks

THE YOGO OR TAI-CHIhealthy exercise

The YOGA kind of exercise mainly helps you to be aware of your body posture, movement, alignment and as well patterns too. This exercise helps the body to be maximally flexible & helps you to relax even when find yourself In the presence of stress stricken environments. And this is the chief reason why most people want to start engaging themselves in Yoga so that they can feel… healthy exercise

  • Fitter
  • More happier
  • More energetic
  • And finally more peaceful.

One pretty thing I love about yoga is that it can be done or practice anywhere on your own.

While the TAI-CHI is a Chinese martial art that incorporates movement along side with relaxation. This kind of exercise is good for both the body & mind which is made up of different graceful movements… it is even popularly called “meditation in motion” the tai chi is readily accessible, & valuable for people of all ages & fitness levels..

THE PLANKhealthy exercise

The plank exercise is among the best type of exercises in existence certainly because it tightens the deepest core parts of the muscles. This kind of exercise is a static type where you use your arms to raise yourself upward or off the floor and then hold the whole body straight up and rigid like that of a plank of wood on the floor.. It is pretty to engage on it because it can be done anywhere which do not involves any type general f equipment before you carry out this exercise.. This type of exercise is even more effective than the sit-ups and crunches certainly because it only takes minute and it works only the superficial abdominal muscles.

I do hope this article about best healthy exercise finds you well… please you can always use the comment box below to share your views and questions.. you can as well share this publication with your friends on social media by using the share button below..

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