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You are highly welcome to the media live it never a mistake for you to stumble on this website. Today I will be talking about the popular and most widely used instant messenger application in the world and which is the whatsapp..

But firstly I will tell you most especially for the benefit of those who haven’t got much idea about the instant messaging app what’s app…

Whatsapp as it is officially known and called is the most convenient way of quick method of sending message on your mobile phone while on the go to any person on your contact list or friends in as far as he or she is using the whatsapp instant messaging app.

Like I said earlier on the only requirement this messaging platform need is that the recipient persons, which the order people must have the application installed on their mobile device as well.

From research made as of today, the whast app messaging app is compatible with almost all mobile operating systems in the marked like the androids, symbian, windows and as well the iOS. If I may say further, it simply means that you got the ability to communicate with any of your friends on this messaging application in regardless of what model or kind of mobile device they have got.

Anyone in this instant message social media network whatsapp, can send text messages, voice messages, images, links, and as well files be it in mp3 format, mp4, jpg, pdf and many more in as far as you got enough mobile date from your network operator. The automatic image compression makes the transferring of files much more easy (despite there is probably some quality loss).

Another most interesting feature on the whats app instant messaging app is the one that gives you room to easily create and manage groups. Any user can create groups; join a group that’s if they are been invited to join a particular group. They can as well leave the group whenever they choose to do so…

Another perfect and unique thing I see about the whatsapp login app, is the perfect communication tool for android users and this is because, with this you can get rid of paying for text messages charges ever again. Also keep in mind importantly that, whatsapp is fully compactable with whatsapp plus ( in as far as instant messaging is concerned).

Please be informed and beware that any form of whats app application which offers a different theme order than the official color and theme are rendered fake.

Phishing has stand one of the easiest point to which malware can be encountered. Even a reddit user disclosed and raided an alarm about a fraudulent web called шһатѕарр.com so please, judiciously take note of this suspicious characters who tries to trick whats app users into installing some supposed themes for the chat app, and in turn, all it does is installation of scam apps and spasm all your contacts.

More so, if you update whats app to the latest version for android, you will be provided with “stories in photos” which is the stat!!!!….. and it is basically a series of picture or video shorts  taken by throughout the day by users in contacts.. It’s just a simple way of sharing experiencing to people who are dear to you. And they automatically delete themselves after 24hrs.

Please don’t be deceived!! The above leaked scam information is the latest scam going around now on whats app instant messaging application.

This is not the first or second time I have always wormed my readers not to succumb to such scam floating around whats app… The simple truth is that they get recycled often and as well get other individuals identities so as to get you to open uncomfortable and unreliable website or clicks on some certain kind of link which will redirect you to install malicious software subscribe you to random services you don’t ever wish for.

Another unique benefit of the whats app is that it allows you to pin up your chats. If you are the very active type on whats app, it’s therefore likely that conversations with some of your pips quickly get buried in your chat tab, and get organized by date. In this unique option, instant messenger clients or user now has the ability to pin up to three chats to the top of your chat list.


Below are the following requirement of any device that will be used in whats app instant messaging application for easy surfing and charting…

  1. Requires Android 2.1 or above.

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    License Free

  3. It supports 39 more English Languages

  4. The Author is Whatsapp Inc

  5. The Security level is 100% safe

  6. The required size is 35.85MB

  7. The download rate is over 275,401,251

  8. Package Name is com.whatsapp


  1. Tap the “App Store” app.

  2. Tap Search. This is on the bottom of your screen.

  3. Type in “WhatsApp”.

  4. Tap “whatsapp”. It should be the first result in the drop-down menu.

  5. Tap GET. This should be to the right of “WhatsApp Messenger.”

  6. Tap INSTALL.

  7. Enter your Apple ID and password.


Using the voice call option, you can communicate vocally with your friends and family members on whats app for 100% free be in it in the country where you are or overseas. And with this video call technology feature, you can communicate or have a face to face conversation for when you are fed up with just texting and voice calling… Note that the video call feature uses your phone or service provider data connection service… So you don’t need ever to worry about any form of expensive calling charges

I hope this information finds you well and remember you can always use the comment box below to share your views regarding to this publication on how to download the whats app instant messaging application.

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